Children's Program

At the time of writing this we have six dedicated volunteers working every Friday morning in our children’s area.

It is a very vibrant happy place and very rewarding minding the children while their mothers are learning to sew.

It is important for the children to socialize with other children especially when they come from homes where English is not spoken. The children vary in age from very small one month old babies to five year olds. The children feel quite safe as their mothers are working close to the children’s area and they can hear their mothers talking and laughing and sometimes singing. Like all children they love music dancing, painting, ball games, riding scooters and trikes, balloons and bubbles.

We get very attached to them and feel quite sad when they leave us to go to school, but hope that we have done our best to give them some confidence to embrace school life. Our greatest joy is when they come back to visit us on school curriculum days.

We are always looking for people to add to our volunteer group.
If you are interested in joining us please contact us via our
web site