Dream Stitches was formed in 2004 and has moved several times as it has developed and grown.
Initially it was located at St. Peter's, either in the undercroft or in the hall. It was necessary to put everything away at the end of each session so that others could use the venue.

     Undercroft at St Peters     Hall at St Peters in 2006
                             The undercroft at St Peter's                                                                  The hall at St Peter's in 2006

A subsequent move to St Philip's enabled the workroom to be left set up between sessions.
      Dream Stitches at St Philips in 2007    Dream Stitches at St Philips in 2010
                        St Philip's in 2007                                                                                             St Philip's in 2010
In June 2016 we moved once again, with the assistance of members of the Australian Army. This move was to St Aidan's in Box Hill.

      Members of Australian Army help move Dream Stitches in 2016    Dream Stitches move to St Aidans hall 2016

Dream Stitches thanks the Army helpers

A big thank you to one and all!