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Covid 19

Like everyone and every business, we have been keeping our distance due to Covid19. Our last day together as a group teaching the women was on 6th March. We are all looking forward to getting back together under changed teaching arrangements, however that might look.

During this down time, Dream Stitches had a request to make masks for some of the organizations within the Alfred Research Alliance. Dream Stitches pledged to make 500 masks out of the 1,000 they needed for some 200 staff members who would use these masks.  The volunteers got busy and were able to provide 700 masks.  It was great to be able to use our time to do something constructive and be of assistance during this time.   

Some of the volunteers are currently having lessons in Quilting as we are making single bed quilts for the children who have been affected by the recent bush fires.  Some pictures of our progress and finished quilts will be added soon.